Woodblock print – Oaks in Summer II

Color woodblock print - Oaks in Summer II
Oaks in Summer II

The golden hills in the golden state of California are the inspiration for this woodblock print. The hills often don’t seem to be very big, but they make the giant oaks look tiny.

Rocks and Pines – woodblock print

Woodblock Print - Rocks and Pines
Rocks and Pines

This is a scene from Garden of the Gods in Colorado. Having spent a lot of time in Colorado, I was inspired to make this print after seeing a painting of the scene by Swedish-born artist, Birger Sandzen, who painted throughout the American West in the early part of the 20th century.

Sandzen is known for his imaginatively colorful impressionistic style and his paintings have become widely sought-after. One of my very favorite painters of the West. This print is 4.375″ x 6.25″, from an edition of 12.

Way of Summer

Way of Summer - woodblock print
Way of Summer

A view of the Gallatin River between Big Sky and Bozeman in southwest Montana. This is a one block print with watercolor added after printing.

The River Runs

The River Runs
The River Runs

The Gallatin River; a narrow section as it flows north from its source in Yellowstone toward Bozeman.

Red Sky at Morning

Red Sky at Morning - Five-block woodblock print
Red Sky at Morning

Red Sky at Morning is a five-block print I just finished, printed from poplar wood, 5″ x 5″, on Somerset paper. It was a little bit trickier to print than I thought; the hills and sky were touchy in terms of value and how the colors printed when layered on top of each other. I guess it’s always a learning process.

Two-block reduction woodblock print

Woodblock print - Bend in the RIver
Bend in the River

This is a two block reduction woodblock print of the Gallatin River in Montana.
It’s another view from about the same place along the river where I’ve done several prints.

Gallatin River – new woodblock print

Gallatin River at Twilight
River in Twilight

This is a small woodblock print I just finished of the Gallatin River in Montana, between Bozeman and Big Sky. It’s a reduction print, pulled from one block of cherry wood, about 5 inches square. I’ve done several versions of this scene and will show a few more in upcoming posts.

Blue Mountain


Inspired by a hike in early autumn in Montana.

Blue Mountain is a multi-block woodblock print pulled from six blocks of basswood; 4.0″ x 4.5″; printed on Somerset paper with oil-based inks; $175.
Edition of 15.