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Small Tree, Lake Harriet
Small Trees, Lake Harriet

I happened upon this group of small trees on a gray day in spring near the shore of Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. They’re not dramatic as you pass by, but they have great color, shapes, and angles. This is a reduction woodblock print, about 8.5″ square.

Woodblock print – Oaks in Summer II

Color woodblock print - Oaks in Summer II
Oaks in Summer II

The golden hills in the golden state of California are the inspiration for this woodblock print. The hills often don’t seem to be very big, but they make the giant oaks look tiny.

Print for ‘All the Islands’ band poster

'All the Islands' poster print
Print for ‘All the Islands’ band poster

This is a one-block reduction print I just finished for a poster for the
Minneapolis band, ‘All the Islands’.

Island of the Sky

Woodblock print - Island of the Sky
Island of the Sky

A scene from a Boundary Waters canoe trip. The water was still and glassy enough, without a sound anywhere, that it was almost surreal to see the island and clouds perfectly reversed in the water. My print doesn’t do it justice.

Gallatin River – new woodblock print

Gallatin River at Twilight
River in Twilight

This is a small woodblock print I just finished of the Gallatin River in Montana, between Bozeman and Big Sky. It’s a reduction print, pulled from one block of cherry wood, about 5 inches square. I’ve done several versions of this scene and will show a few more in upcoming posts.

Winter Creek

Woodblock print - Winter Creek
Winter Creek

Winter Creek is a single block print with watercolor. Printed on Somerset paper.

Light of the Rock

Woodblock print - Light of the Rock
Light of the Rock

Light of the Rock is a single block print with watercolor. Printed on Somerset paper.

Blue Mountain


Inspired by a hike in early autumn in Montana.

Blue Mountain is a multi-block woodblock print pulled from six blocks of basswood; 4.0″ x 4.5″; printed on Somerset paper with oil-based inks; $175.
Edition of 15.