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Small Tree, Lake Harriet
Small Trees, Lake Harriet

I happened upon this group of small trees on a gray day in spring near the shore of Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. They’re not dramatic as you pass by, but they have great color, shapes, and angles. This is a reduction woodblock print, about 8.5″ square.

Woodblock print – Oaks in Summer II

Color woodblock print - Oaks in Summer II
Oaks in Summer II

The golden hills in the golden state of California are the inspiration for this woodblock print. The hills often don’t seem to be very big, but they make the giant oaks look tiny.

Rocks and Pines – woodblock print

Woodblock Print - Rocks and Pines
Rocks and Pines

This is a scene from Garden of the Gods in Colorado. Having spent a lot of time in Colorado, I was inspired to make this print after seeing a painting of the scene by Swedish-born artist, Birger Sandzen, who painted throughout the American West in the early part of the 20th century.

Sandzen is known for his imaginatively colorful impressionistic style and his paintings have become widely sought-after. One of my very favorite painters of the West. This print is 4.375″ x 6.25″, from an edition of 12.

All the Islands CD cover art

Cover art for All the Islands CD
Cover art for All the Islands CD

I recently finished this woodblock print for the cover of the debut album of the Minneapolis folk band, All the Islands. The album itself is titled Modern Man, and will be released later this month.

The print is a reduction print cut from Japanese Shina wood and is 5.5″ square. Hand printed on Mingeishi Natural paper.

Two Trees, Central Park

Woodblock Print - Two Trees Central Park
Two Trees, Central Park

Small reduction woodblock print of a view of Central Park in late fall.

Small Bay

Small Bay - Woodblock print
Small Bay

Small one-block print with watercolor.

Into the North

Into the North - woodblock print
Into the North

Into the North is an illustration from the children’s book, If You Want to See a Caribou.
The story takes place in the northern region of Lake Superior. It’s a two-block reduction print.

Poster print for All the Islands

This is a woodblock print I just finished for a poster for the Minnesota band, All the Islands. It’s a reduction print, in 13 stages.